Thursday, December 18, 2008

'Tis the Season - To Solve Problems

There is one week until Christmas. Each day I will post a new blog about my wonderful memories of Christmas in Uganda.

One of the older boys approached me, "Sister, I have many problems… can you fix my problems?”

I simply shrugged my shoulders and made a face that clearly read, “I don’t know, tell me more”.

“I am the time keeper at school,” he continued, “and my watch, it has no technology.” I looked briefly at the sad shell of a digital watch; the face has no numbers, behind the clear plastic barrier I see his skin.

I nodded in understanding, “what are your other problems?”

“Sister, I have too many shirts and not enough pants. Sister Endie, this Christmas, can you fix my problems?”

“Yes, I can fix your problems.” I pulled a pen from my bag and wrote the time on his wrist below the empty watch face. “And now you must find a man who has too many pants and not enough shirts; then trade. All your problems are solved. Anytime you need anything, I love you and am always here to help.”

I walked away, the young man laughed, knowing my sarcastic nature. Little did he know in a few days, all his problems would be solved.

With his new watch. All his problems were solved that day.

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