Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Over the last few months we have been collecting supplies to take to Uganda. With the help of a few amazing people and schools I am proud to say that we will be stocking St. Kizito Primary School and the next school that we build with the following:

Books - 139 boxes - mostly text books
Music - 1 box
Toys - 12 boxes
Educational tools/supplies - 28 boxes
Reading rods - 9 boxes
Clothing - 27 boxes
Personal care - 1 box
Medication - 3 boxes

Thank you to every one who has contributed and who is helping with the transportation of these materials. These will be the first text books these children ever had; our children will truly have brighter futures thanks to your efforts!!!


Wasuze otya. - Good morning, but literally, how was your night?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Connecting Classrooms through Creativity

I am very happy to say that our "Connecting Classrooms through Creativity" fundraiser is proving to be successful. A third grade class on Long Island has sent in 81 original pieces of artwork to display in our classrooms in Uganda along with a $1.00 donation each. The art varies from under the sea themed pieces to drawings of children holding hands around the world. My personal favorite is the drawing of a lion at a black board teaching a group of students.

This teacher also sent letters from the students stating why they wanted to participate in this fundraiser and how they raised the money. One letter read, "I was very excited about earning this $1.00. I wanted to be part of raising enough funds for a new school in Uganda. I earned a $1.00 by helping my dad rake the leaves in front of our house. I really hope that my $1.00 helps BULA." Or, "I want to help all people in need. I hope the money I am sending will help you get medicine, food, and clean water or anything your community needs."

What a wonderful opportunity for children in America to develop cross-cultural relationships, help provide brighter futures for African children, and acquire a better understanding of life in developing countries.

And think, children in Uganda are receiving improved educational facilities, programs, and materials, decorations for their classrooms, and an opportunity to learn more about life in America.

If you are interested in participating in our "Connecting Classrooms through Creativity" fundraiser please contact BULA at

And thank you to all those students and teachers who are already participating!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Embeera y'obudde eri etya? - What's the weather like?