Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vivacious Vital Volunteers at Home and Abroad - Uganda part 2

Yesterday I started a series of blogs honoring the important work of the amazing volunteers who have dedicated their time and their lives to support the children in Uganda through BULA's many projects.

Today I would like to talk about the directors of the children's home - Uncle Steven, Uncle John and Uncle Dan. These three men have truly made the ultimate sacrifices to protect and honor the rights of the children who were abused and neglected. This was no easy task for the men, as they persevered despite cultural norms that look away from such abuses and misunderstandings that complicated the efforts to secure the well-being of the children.

But persevere these men did and because of their hard work we were able to place the children in a safe environment, register with the necessary legal authorities, reunite the children with their families, and begin to plan for the futures of the children in our care.

Because of their constant sacrifices and hard work we are proud to say that BULA Children's Home is a happy, healthy environment for the children. And we thank them endlessly for all they have done to make it the wonderful place that it is.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vivacious Vital Volunteers at Home and Abroad - part 1 - Uganda

Dear Readers,

Wow, it has been awhile and once again I apologize for my lackadaisical blogging - and by that I mean my lack of blog entries. I would like to use this time to talk about the people who work behind the scenes and often go unnoticed but are an essential part of the BULA team and without them BULA would not achieveing their amazing accomplishments in Uganda.

I would like to talk about one of those who are on the ground in Uganda, working tirelessly for the protection of children's rights to education and security.

Mackenzie Brown is the 2009 Elrod Fellowship Winner. She came to Uganda a few months back and spent her first 3 months living at BULA children's home. She came with 3 flourescent pink suitcases and the drive to design and implement after school programs at St. Kizito Primary School. She began her lessons on September 7th, when the new term started and despite the difficulties that she endured moving to a totally foreign country Mackenzie has persevered and things have been amazing for her.

The teachers are involved in the daily activities, learning new and insightful ways to educate children. And the children are learning through practical applications to improve their English skills and also to reinforce the lessons learned throughout the day. We are so proud and excited about Mackenzie's efforts!!! This is just one way volunteers are making BULA the amazing organization that is changing people's lives and securing brighter futures for children.

Stay tuned as there will be a new vivacious vital volunteer in the spotlight each day!!!