Saturday, December 20, 2008

'Tis the Season - To Eat, and Eat, and Eat

The most exciting part of the holiday season is the food. Many people in Uganda refer to Christmas as the feast you have on Christmas day.

For instance, "Sister, where is my Christmas?" ... "It is cooking," I would reply.

This just happens to be my favorite meal.... yummmm.... This is what we had....

matoke (steamed plantains)
g-nut sauce (made from peanuts)
green beans
cabbage (fried)
pumpkin (steamed)
eggplant (yuck)
sweet potato
Irish potato
greens (bitter - yuck)
fish (yuck)
Peeling sweet potatoes.
Anything not marked with a very mature (yuck), I would pile on my plate, mix together, garnish with a pinch or two of salt... and... yummmmmm.

Then fresh, delicious pineapple for dessert!!!

The children walked around that night with stomach's protruding from their Christmas clothes and smiles beaming on their faces.

Bulging belly and fast asleep...the signs of a wonderful Christmas.

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