Tuesday, December 23, 2008

'Tis the Season - To Make Miracles Happen

It all happened on Christmas Eve 2007. We were outside in the courtyard of the orphange...dancing. I don't think I have ever danced so much in my life. It started shortly after the sunset and dinner was over. The radio blared and the drums were played and we danced all night.

Well, we danced until there was a knock at the gate. The gate keeper ran to grab his keys, it is almost 11:30, who could it be? The gate opened and there stood, none other than Santa Clause himself. The children, who had rushed to the gate to see who was there, screamed and ran in the other direction fearing the unexpected visitor. "HO HO HO," he bellowed, "Merry Christmas!!!"

Slowly the children returned to greet the merry fellow who was now giving sweeties to the braver children. Laughter and screams of excitment soon filled the air. The overjoyed children swarmed the jolly man who continued to hand out candy. Running around with excitement, the children declared, "Sister, he is here!!! I have never seen Father Christmas before!!!"

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Connie said...

Love your blogs.....and the pictures add to the wonderful stories of your life in BULA!