Monday, December 22, 2008

'Tis the Season - To Give

This was my first time giving Christmas to children.

The children finally retired to their dormitories around 12:00AM. Myself and the other volunteers closed our doors as if we were doing the same thing, and we waited and waited. Around 1:30 we decided it was safe to bring the 27 hidden basins filled with gifts from my room. Slowly, slowly we carried each basin from the volunteer house to the all-purpose room.

Silently we crept through the night, more out of fear of waking the cow; one wrong move and her bellowing could wake the village.

The stockings the children made weeks earlier were carefully filled with sweeties and a stuffed animal. Everything was arranged perfectly for the following morning.

A few minor scares - rustling from the dormitories, the cow shifting in its sleep - caused small delays as we all froze in nervous anticipation of being discovered. But scares are all they were and Christmas was successfully delivered.

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