Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shipment from America

I almost forgot to write about the huge shipment that arrived in Uganda a few months ago. I wrote about the 200+ boxes of donated clothing, books, school supplies, etc. and after I posted that blog about 50 more boxes were added to the cargo.

When the children shifted homes, they lost a lot of their clothing and belongings. But thanks to the donations of countless people, the children hardly missed their things. In addition to that, nearly every classroom at St. Kizito Primary School is now stocked with Health, Math, Science, Literature, and Writing text books and the Nursery class has toys and musical instruments.

So many text books were donated that we have enough to stock our next school construction project which we are currently in the process of planning. BULA's schools are probably the only one's in the area with the resources necessary for educational growth and overall development; providing the opportunity to be successful students and therefore helping to secure brighter futures for these children.

These photos show the huge truck we used to transport the massive shipment from Entebbe airport to Gganda and the Nursery School children playing with the musical instruments.

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