Saturday, July 18, 2009

St. Kizito Primary School - Namungoona

Well, now that things are settling down at BULA Children's Home, it is time for BULA to focus on its original mission of improving educational facilities, materials and programs in Uganda. Our next project is in the preliminary stages.

St. Kizito Primary School in Namungoona is a primary school a few kilometers from the first St. Kizito. It may seem slightly odd that the schools have the same name, but St. Kizito was a child martyr and hence the namesake for countless primary schools in Uganda. The school is home to 120 students from nursery to P7. The students study in a scrap wood, dirt floor, leaky tin roof structure and are completely exposed to the elements such as wind and rain. There are no desks for the students, who sit on benches and kneel on the floor to participate in lessons.

I have recently met with local officials who are ecstatic about the project. They are all familiar with our work and are eager to get things started. The process in the beginning is slow and involves making plans, getting approval, meeting with officials, etc. But things are progressing very well. Tom Harrison, our architect from England will be joining me in Uganda at the end of August to begin the building plans.

Stay tuned for more information as plans unfold and finalize. As well as for information on upcoming fundraisers to support our projects.

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