Sunday, June 7, 2009

Connecting Classrooms Through Creativity Update

I am very excited to tell every one that our Connecting Classrooms Through Creativity Fundraiser is proving to be a complete success. Melissa has just returned to Uganda with a suitcase filled with artwork. One art teacher had a wonderful idea to create murals; massive posters were sent over and hung on the walls. The funds from this fundraiser are used to continue our support of St. Kizito Primary School, namely to update the solar power at the school and to create shutters for a few classrooms and the teachers' offices.

Teachers tell us that the students in America have a wonderful time creating this artwork, but most importantly they learn about life in Africa and increase their global awareness. Not to mention, they are helping those in need.

Students in Uganda are thrilled to see the new artwork arrive. Their classrooms are bright, colorful and decorated just as American classrooms would be. They also enjoy the rare opportunity to create artwork of their own, which Melissa brings back to America with her when she returns.

The end of the American school year is quickly approaching, but please keep this fundraiser in mind over the summer. It will continue next year as well. There is more information about this fundraiser to the right as well as a link to our video to inspire and educate children.

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