Friday, May 22, 2009

Successful Fundraiser Update

I just received exciting news from my friend and a kindergarten teacher from the Camp Hill School District in Pennsylvania. In her elementary school, the teachers conducted a fundraiser to raise money for St. Kizito Primary School and BULA Children's Home. Knowing the importance of reading in a child's education and development this teacher encouraged others in the school to get involved to raise money for books for the children in Uganda.

Her students watched our video (there is a link to the right) and learned about life in Africa. Parents began to call this teacher to inform her that their kindergarten students ran home from school and could not stop talking about helping the children in Africa. How exciting to think that students at such a young age are developing a sense of social responsibility and global awareness.

The children were encouraged to contribute money towards a book label which they could donate in honor or memory of someone else. Teachers also put piggy banks in the classrooms so students could donate their spare change. A few weeks later, the funds were counted and the result was 4X the anticipated goal.

The labels are being printed and will be sent to Uganda. I will purchase the books here, insert the labels, and distribute the books to the home and the school. This fundraiser was easy, it was fun, it was educational, and successful. Think what this one small school accomplished and how it will benefit the lives of the children at the primary school and the children's home in Uganda who have limited exposure to books.

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