Saturday, May 30, 2009

Breaking News: Read All About It!!!

News just came in from the NGO Board, part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and BULA Children's Home application to become a registered NGO in Uganda is approved - it is now an official NGO!!!

This process began almost 5 months ago as soon as the children were removed from the unsafe environment in which they lived. It has been 5 months of hassles and headaches (to say the least), but we did it. We collected recommendations from every legal entity in Uganda that could possibly relate to the well fair of children and our hard work is actualized with the official registration from the board.

This is really exciting news for us and we are over joyed to know that our efforts to keep vulnerable children safe are being recognized and appreciated!!!

Congratulations BULA Children's Home and to every one who worked so hard to make this happen!!!

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