Wednesday, November 5, 2008

$1 Donation Drive

We are planning a fundraiser asking local teachers to encourage their students to donate $1 to BULA. Along with that $1 we would like those students to submit artwork as well - paintings, drawings, anything. We will then bring the artwork with us to Uganda and display it on the walls in the classrooms at St. Kizito Primary School. During our after school program children will be encouraged to create artwork for the students in America - all for $1.

What an amazing activity to get students of all ages involved and increase cultural awareness in both countries.

The collective $1 donations will be used to fund the after school programs and to continue the construction projects that we have planned for 2009.

We are looking foward to speaking at the New York State United Teachers Leadership Conference for Nassau County this Friday. We are excited to be presenting this fundraiser to representatives of every school district in that county.

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