Monday, April 13, 2009

Ensonya wa

This simply means "forgive me" in Luganda. A phrase I hope you will take to heart as I ask for your forgiveness in my lack of posts to my blog since I have returned to Uganda. I promise to do better, but as they say in Uganda, "A promise is a debt," so I am not foolish enough to promise daily posts (mostly because of my unreliable internet connections because I certainly have lots to tell). But I can promise to try harder, I hope you understand. I also apologize because there will rarely be photos as my connection is too slow to upload pictures.

Things have been very hectic since my return to Uganda. What was supposed to be a six week trip to finish St. Kizito Primary School and begin plans for the next school construction project turned into a 9 month (at least) journey through the establishment of a new children's home. I am proud to say, that despite the many setbacks that we have endured, the children who were once neglected and abused are now safe, healthy and happy at BULA Children's Home.

My goal in the next few posts is to update you on everything that has occured over the last few months in regards to the school construction, the children's home, and life in Uganda. Please keep checking the blog and I will not let you down!!!

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